“Minimal Body” is a study of the human form using color, shape, composition, and light. Rather than focusing on the entire body, Toby chooses to pay attention to the small details that often go unnoticed. Using the camera and the frame, Toby recontextualizes the human body and captures individual components. By doing this, his photos surprise the viewers by presenting a different way to observe the beauty of the body. Toby’s goal is to highlight and preserve the small and unobtrusive sight of the human body. Toby's scope is on the details and parts of a person. Looking at a piece of the puzzle, rather than the whole body.

“极简身体” 是一个系列摄影作品。Toby用他的相机研究了人体的形状,体态,颜色,构图还有光线。Toby选择了把注意力放在人身体上不引人注意的细节, 而不是记录整个身体。在相机的帮助下,Toby 重塑了人体的每一个部分。他的作品展示了一张全新的方式去观察人体的美感。Toby 的目标是重现人体身上那些难以发现的美。