Toby Zeng was born in Beijing, China in 1998. At the age of 14, he moved to a boarding school located in California in a small town called Ojai. His passion for photography started to blossom during his sophomore year when he began taking photos with his iPhone. In 2016, Toby started taking photos with a professional camera to shoot projects rather than take random photos. This drastically improved his photography practice. Toby is studying at Bard college under the photo department .


1998年,曾瑞虎出生在中国北京。在十四岁的时候, 他出国留学来到了一个坐落做加州的小镇 Ojai。在高一的时候,曾瑞虎开始用他的 iPhone 拍摄身边的有趣的事物。与此同时他对摄影的热情开始迅速增长。2016年, 他开始使用相机去有意识的拍摄系列的作品。 这迅速提高了他对摄影的理解。他目前在Bard college学习摄影。


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