“Garbage Night” is a series of photographs that explores a landfill site in Beijing, China. Toby chooses to pay attention to the waste that often goes unnoticed. Rather than take pictures during the daytime, Toby chooses to explore the dump at night. Just as reporters use their flash to expose celebrities, Toby uses his flash to capture the essence of the space. By doing this, his photos highlight the beauty hidden in the trash. “Garbage Night” focuses on three types of technique— lighting, composition and colors. Toby’s goal is to remind people that beauty can be found in something that we usually throw away.


“垃圾之夜” 一个系列摄影作品, 它展示了一个坐落在北京的垃圾场夜晚的样子。Toby选择了把注意力放在那些看似没有任何价值的东西。他选择了夜晚去拍摄这个作品而不是白天。就像记者使用闪光灯去曝光明星,Toby使用闪光灯去感受在垃圾场的空间。这帮助他找到了那些藏着垃圾里的美感。 “垃圾之夜 ”专注了三个摄影技术 -灯光,构图和色彩。Toby的目标是通过这个作品让人们意识到我们可以在废弃物里找到美。